Years ago there was a saying going around, BLOOM WHERE YOU ARE PLANTED. It was printed on posters, coffee mugs and bumper stickers. Recently I have observed some problems with several plants in my yard and was thinking about that saying. It is entirely incorrect!

I planted new landscaping in my front yard a couple years ago. The Ligustrum bushes, as you can see in the photo, are now full and have grown tremendously since their one-gallon size.


The Blue Plumbagos (pictured below)  are not doing so well. They struggle to stay alive. You can barely see them in the photo. The problem was not the quality of the plants. The problem was the location. They are not blooming where they are planted.


The Ligustrum bushes love the hot Florida sun and it seems like the location is ideal. But the Plumbagos struggle in the heat, and ultimately have not grown or flowered as I intended. They are nearly dead.

In life, we have to be in the place or location that God wants us. For some, the right location is to be in school. For others, they need to find the right job. God may even have you relocate to another city or state to accomplish His plans through your life. We are told to “go into all the world.” We are not told to “stay.” We should regularly ask God, “Is there somewhere you want me to go?” It may be right around the corner.

One night after leading Bible Study I felt that my husband and I needed to go to a riverside park nearby for a walk. When we arrived, we ran into one of our church friends who was distraught over her health issues. She had a tumor in her spine. We prayed for her right there in her time of fear and dread. We continued to walk through the park and a stranger approached us. He had observed us praying for our friend and said that he needed prayer about his relationship with his girlfriend. God had us “go” to the park that night in order for us to help the hurting.

The goal for plants, as well as us, is growth and blooming. The Bible says that a tree is known by its fruit. Our fruitfulness, (or ability to flower) is dependant on us being in the right location and situation. We need the right soil and sun requirements, as it relates to plants. We will not bloom where we are planted; we need to be planted in the place where we will bloom.

God told Abraham to uproot his whole family and to go to the place where God would show him. It amazes me that the next morning Abraham packed up and was on the road. The difficult part was that God said, “I will show you.” God did not tell Abraham the location ahead of time. It took steps of faith as God slowly led him to the right place. We need to have faith, and step towards where God is leading us so that we will be planted in the right soil.

Plants continually baffle me. They can be so picky. If a plant, say, an orchid, has too much sun, it shrivels or burns. Another plant, maybe a succulent, just loves that sun. They are all hard-wired for certain conditions. Some can handle a little frost, but when other plants experience a night of frost, and you will find them the next morning wilted; a dead little mushy mess.

As individuals, we can also be tender and our conditions matter. Too much stress, and some people are basket cases. I can’t handle movies or TV with violence, sex or darkness. Too much junk food can make people sluggish. Not enough sleep and we can get sick, or others get crabby. We neglect reading the Word and we grow spiritually weak. God wants us to be in the right conditions for optimum health. This will give us the ability to be the most productive and fruitful in our lives.

As we push through 2018 ask some questions. Are you in the right location for your best possible growth and fruitfulness? Can you adjust anything to physically to get healthy, spiritually and emotionally? Ask the Lord regularly if there is anywhere he wants you to “go.” Our willingness to change can make us productive, fruitful, and help us to flower with beautiful splendor to the glory and majesty of the King. BLOOM WHERE HE PLANTS YOU.


Laurie A. Stasi